January Transfer Window 2022

Insigne joining Toronto at age 30 it seems. Cashing in his chips a little earlier than expected.

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Kyle on the move again


Eddie Howe with an unlimited warchest

happy come on GIF by Liverpool FC


Kieran Trippier to Newcastle

Hard to turn down Newcastle when you are stuck in dreary old Madrid


Poor old Michael Owen had to. Jonathan Woodgate and Santiago Munez moved in the opposite direction.

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Two new full-backs for Everton- Patterson & Mykolenko.

Writing on the wall for Seamie?

Who else are Newcastle likely to sign bar Trippier? Didn’t think Kyle Lafferty was still playing tbh.

Probably, he hasn’t been great this season. Their entire defence has been shit tbf, but if Patterson is ready to step up, he’ll surely start.

Newcastle are almost in the MLS category of signing for the money when the career is over


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Talk of Aubameyang because he’s out of favour at Arsenal but it could be idle tabloid speculation.

Might free up Digne for Newcastle. Going for Tarkowski from Burnley too

A man to send a shiver down the spine after that free-kick he scored to snatch 4th spot from Liverpool in that iconic final day of the season circa 2005.

Trippier is hardly in that category. In La Liga team of the season last year, an England regular and Simeone wanted to keep him

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Aaron Ramsey to Newcastle could be a runner too I’d say.

He has literally left a much better club, to go to a much shitter club, for money. He is the category

I wouldn’t say his career is over

There is nothing wrong with going to a club for more more & in this case significantly more I assume