Japanese culture thread

Read the article I put up. It’s long but worth it

I read half it…I’ll finish it later.

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We did it guys

We certainly did

Revenge for Okinawa

What have The Smurfs got to do with it?

Just watching a Storyville about this. Looks like Carlos was strung up like a kipper by the Japs to stop Renault forcing through a merger with Nissan.

I don’t think this is normal Japanese culture

Sounds like he may be dead. Shotgun to the chest.

Is that the Yu-Gi-Oh lad?

No, not really unless you look into their history where this is very common. In fact, almost assumed

I was being sarcastic though some people think it was a homemade shotgun given their gun laws. :open_mouth:

Given the mental health issues and the history of violence, it’s a good thing that guns are so difficult to get.

Warning, graphic

You’re right, assassination attempts on politicians is unheard of in Japan.

At least the assassin was wearing his mask

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Shinzo Abe Lincoln



We are going all the way :jp:

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