Jeremy Corbyn he's in the SA

No to Fat Cats
No to the Tories
No to Imperialism

Yes to Social Justice
Yes to Weed
Yes to the Ra

Vote Jeremy :v:


I think you just managed to kill off any support for Corbyn here Laz, please take that abomination down.

You’re out of touch lad

That makes my head hurt, please replace it with an appropriate picture of the great man.

Agree with all the above, though for accuracy, I would replace the “no” in front of “to the Tories” with “yes”.

You vile bastard

You misunderstand. I greatly admire Corbyn as a politician of genuine conviction and honesty. Realpolitik however, would suggest that a Corbyn led left wing Labour Party (as they should be), would vacate the middle ground which gets parties actually elected to the Tories.
I probably wouldn’t vote for Corbyn as he may be bad for our business, but I may do simply because conviction politicians are so very rare.

You’ll vote Corbyn. That is all.

Probably not, but stranger things have happened. I’m more likely to vote for him than any bliar clone, that’s for sure.

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Wtf was all that about? Tory cunts

What’s Corbyn’s stance on the Middle East?

Is he for arming moderate rebels?

Winner winner !!!

With shit like this twisted it shows how much they brit media and the establishment didn’t want him.


He must have led one of the most honest lives imaginable as the knives and trowels have been out for him right from the start, and they have found nothing. Good on him.


Signing in

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Will Corbyn be any use as leader? He hasn’t shown yet that he bring people along with him. Most people predicting he’ll be there for three years then a new leader will step in for the election. If he has even a modicum of success though it could mark a nice shift in the politics of the last 20 years. We might even get a credible Labour Party in Ireland out of it.

Someone give me a summary on this guy. Twitter seems up in arms about him so that tends to have me thinking I should like him

Bearded lefty.