Jimmy Saville GGA connection

Sources tell me controversial DJ jimmy Saville may have played left half back for a south Dublin gga club in the early 70s. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes if recent reports are to be believed he played with Stillorgan.

He played with a lot more than stillorgan


All the evidence you need mate

The two lads swopping tips.

As someone who grew up loving Jim’ll Fix It, I have to say this whole thing is only adding to my current malaise. No more heroes anymore indeed. :frowning:

I heard last night that a bit of necrophilia has been thrown into the mix-any truth to this?

It seems he enjoyed volunteering as a porter in a hospital and spending time with fresh dead bodies, as a way to say “goodbye” or whatnot. That seems to be fact.
He’s certainly not coming out of this well, anyway.

heard that down the club?

I believe the club in question is Cuala.

If only that was all the cunt was in to. :guns:

Des Cahill does strike me as someone who’d relish being his partner in crime alright

:lol: :lol: :lol:

An outstanding quip that didn’t get the :lol: :clap: it deserved.:lol: :clap:

Just got that now-outstanding Fagan.

??? wtf u on abt, the cunt is dead ffs

I get it. It’s cause of the necorphelia allegations isn’t it.

It said on the radio this morning that the Gardai were investigating a rape claim made against a very well known Irish show business personality. The rape is alleged to have happened 30 years ago.

Ah yes, does this deserve its own thread for random speculation?