Job Interviews

Best of luck @fenwaypark. Fair play to you.

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Jaysus, make sure you give yourself enough time between them. I’ve been to an interview that started two hours + behind schedule

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Its their problem if they are late, i personally am very poor at being on time so ill have to break one of my own life rules and be early.

Give me an example of working under pressure? I had to wrap up another interview to be on time for this one


The golden rule is if you’re early you’re on time - if you’re on time you’re late.

For interviews only. The way i see it if its not an airplane or interview your only wasting your own time being early

Best of luck @fenwaypark and @Copper_pipe - momentous times for the forum’s Equine following. We’ll be laughing this up on Stephens Day watching Leopardstown and the King George.

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Fenway has turned his back on horse beating.

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All of a sudden he’s more interested in his career :man_shrugging:t5:


You’ll get nowhere in this life giving money to bookies

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Make sure and tell them, I have to finish up here in an hour as I have another interview. Like a fella with a girlfriend automatically becomes more attractive to other women


Good luck @Copper_pipe and @fenwaypark today.If it doesn’t work out I’m always looking for a lad to go on the mixer.Ill even throw in the odd breakfast roll.


I’m hopeful.

Same lad was interviewing me Monday and I’m getting a tour of the place…


Ahem… would there be good swimming in your locality?

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Ah you are well in so.

Trying to wrap up an interview on time with another one back to back

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Same fella? You’re in I’d say kid.

There was 2 interviewing me Monday. Just the one interviewing me today and based on the role I’m applying for and his role I’d be reporting to him I’d say…


Don’t ease up anyway, sell sell sell.

As he’s management ask the cunt when he puts questions to you… In your experience, what makes the ideal person for the role… They love being able to waffle on those type of questions.

And ask him how big is Cork.

someone who doesn’t ask questions… :smiley:

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