Joe Canning, Unquestionably the GOAT

Ah the blind man from headford! Lovely

He was unbelievable at corner back against Cork in 95 all ireland minor final. Could not believe it when he made his debut for Galway as a half forward.

Ah I enjoyed that, they both came across as sound.


Ollie is one of the best I’ve ever seen.


I thought that was great. I don’t think i ever saw joe as relaxed

Could have done with another half an hour chatting to them there.


That was a well spent 20 minutes

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And then Jason Byrne to follow them. Christ.

All the greats on tonight

Agree 100%. Should have let it flow. Along with that they could have had another segment particularly when this halfwit Jason Byrne is taking up the space.

Ollie is a gent of a man.

Bullshit about his Da