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Share the same deodorant (whole 25,000of them)

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Good piece on Joe about time zones and clocks going backward and forward. Villages in Ireland not so long ago (mainly the West) seemed to unilaterally set their own time to suit themselves sometimes by a half an hour difference to the “official” time. Never heard of it before.

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Didnt hear that section… who was the fella that owed all the contractors money on the earlier section?

Not sure. Missed earlier piece and just have it on now. Lad on now started out chirpy and by the end of it mentioned his depression.



Cork and Kerry used to be an hour time difference according to this caller now who went to school in a different time zone. The Archbishop seemed to decide the time zone.

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That was @Fagan_ODowd on from Waterford. You’ve a lovely way about you @Fagan_ODowd.

I think the limerick Soviet had its own time zone too.

Lady from Greystones says all year summer time would be “catastrophic”.

This is great radio.

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The clock on my car is still on summer time. Not worth my while changing it now

Still going on in Kerry :slight_smile:

Glin in West Limerick supposedly had it’s own time zone. It was half an hour behind AFAIK. You’d sometimes hear an auld West Limerick stock joke when someone was late, “are you on Glin time?”.

Anyone who’s ever been to Glin will not be suprised by this. It’s about twenty years behind at the best of times, so what’s a half an hour I suppose.

Eileen on now who is 82 years old. She called Joe a few months ago about being adopted and having no birth cert. A genealogist who was listening got in touch and helped her find her mother. Turns out her mother is still alive in Scotland and 104.

Eileen headed over and met her mother and two half brothers. She sounds so happy. A really heartwarming story.


Some fella on now trying to extort Charlie Chalke :joy:
He has him over a barrel

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Great discussion about the evils of cannabis on Joe there today. Two parent on about how their kids developed psychosis after smoking a joint. Some stoner from Cork came on and cleaned house.

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No it said cleaned house not robbed house.