Joe Hart is a useless cunt thread

He’s some cunt.

How much did he leave you down for or is this just a general dislike. They fucked my draw accum!

Had no money on any of tonight’s football. I just generally despise him, he’s overrated as fuck and his patter is cringey.

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Scumbag cost me a 91.49 acca. I despise the very air he breaths

Great thread totti…

I detest him…

And the cunt had to include a line from the band LMFAO

Mancini’s best decision at City was going for Hart as the no.1 and dropping Given.

Best keeper in the EPL by a fair distance. Who is ahead in Europe - Casillas only? Buffon probably but without the EPO there wouldn’t be much in it I reckon

He might be a cunt, but he’s an excellent keeper. Completely mad match that was, two Keegan esque sides, neither very good.

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Manuel Neuer for one. I think Lloris will prove to be better as will De Gea eventually although all three lack the bulldog fighting spirit which makes them 50% less better as professionals and as people.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

He’s due another howler tonight.

He certainly might have done better there for the goal although has made some good saves as well the cunt.

Chocolate Wrist Hart.

You called it right mate. Look forward to your expert opinions on other football matters.

[quote=“Spidey, post: 714223”]

You called it right mate. Look forward to your expert opinions on other football matters.[/quote]

Shrek has declared the cunt the best keeper in the world although Mancini tempered that slightly by saying:

“I don’t know if it is the best performance in football history but he did very well.”


The boy done well.

Hart must be the most overrated keeper in history. He consistently exaggerates his saves, he is a nightmare on crosses and from free kicks and can’t kick a ball. He’s nothing but a big goon between two posts and he regularly throws them into his net. I see some of the usual hyperbole from the English press. I’ve seen many better performances from Celtic keepers in the past 10 or so years. Boruc vs. Man Utd and Milan, David Marshall vs. Barcelona and Rangers, Forster had an outstanding game in Europe last season as well (was it Udinese?), even Rab Douglas made some better saves against Liverpool than Hart did the other night - and none of those lads actually threw a goal into the net. The goal Dortmund scored actually reminded me of the one Larsson got against Boavista in 2002, similarly enough the Boavista fans were also proclaiming that diddy Ricardo as the best in the world. :lol:

Some cunts in England are even arguing he’s better than Buffon - deary me, Buffon is a once in a lifetime goalkeeping talent, nobody will ever come close to him and there are plenty that have tried - many of them much better than Hart. Hart could also learn a thing or two about humility from the great man as well. This is a real keeper, guys.

Joe Hart, no 1 in the world :clap:

I think there is a substantial difference between joe hart being the best english keeper in 20 years and joe hart being the best keeper in the world.

No doubt in my mind to the first part, still a bit off the second. best keeper in the EPL too, by a nice bit, but Reina has dropped off his standards a good bit. aside from those 2 the EPL standard is very average.

every keeper makes the odd mistake, some very bizarre goaltending from Buffon against Bulgaria of late for example. the hyperbole from the English press towards their own is often matched by the hyperbole of the anti England anything brigade on here. Hart is a fine keeper with great scope to improve even further and I guess should be recognised as such. I dont see any of the weaknesses you have mentioned in his game bar over exaggerating his saves a bit at times. very good fist on him for clearing set pieces. too many keepers today are content to stay on their line.