Joe Player in Shit Storm

I’m hearing that someone took a dump in a lecture room in Mary I during rag week this week. The po-po were called in to find who left the poo poo…

@Joe_Player, where were you yesterday between 4pm -9pm?

Joe Layer



Is joe the phantom pooper ?

Joe has gone suspiciously quiet on the whatsapp group.
He also sent me a FB message on Wednesday which I replied to yesterday but haven’t heard anything since.

Joe’s gone off the grid.

As you know I was not at a lecture yesterday and i do not well now unless iam paid to do so and rag week needs to be done away wit

Joe, this was done when the lecture hall was empty (I hope) - You haven’t answered the question, where were you yesterday evening?

Was it a dirty protest against the Clare management for dropping his hero?

was it

I am 100 per cent behind Clare. Davy always a Clare ledge if he wants to waste his time with gee bags @mac and co then he can fuck off @Bandage is paying him big money to be in 1b and he will never see a trophy with


Mary i rag week is usually a tame affair, a few years ago while having work done on my gaff a mixed group were passing my house and took a couple of traffic cones from the garden, I heard the commotion and followed them in the car, I pulled in on Henry Street when they were flinging them around and took them back, they were giving me jip so I told them that I was a primary school principal and they better hope they never see me again, I took out the phone and took a picture, they nearly killed themselves trying to apologise "it’s rag week blah blah blah’
I needed those cones back but I wouldn’t have acted the cunt if they did the right thing, I did plenty worse myself.
I’m not a principal.


Update: I got a message on FB from @Joe_Player. He’s claiming he can’t get into his whatsapp

I’m not sure if this is linked in any way to #shitgate

cc @ChocolateMice

He’s working me hard and with a bit of luck I’ll be in the starting team by the end of the league

You’re a right killjoy cunt


I am kind of hope limerick fuck ye up. CC @ChocolateMice

I’m not expecting this to go well for me but at least @Fagan_ODowd will give me a handy time.

I only wanted my cones back, I’m all for japes but the cunts gave me jip, I don’t take jip from teenagers very well.

You were fucking right pal.
Some of them are entitled little shits and need to be called out on it every now and again.

Must be related to @Fagan_ODowd

Do you work for the council or what where the fuck did you get cones from in the first place? Unless you stole them too :open_mouth:

They were belonged to my builder, I’d be surprised if they were free so wasn’t going to let them get stolen from my garden by pissed up teenagers.