Joey Barton


Read that earlier and I agree with him on a fair few points to be honest.


I’ve said it before on many many occasions, Joey Barton is a thoroughly alright sort.


:lol:]Football Accumulators

Joey Barton must be one annoying cunt. He’s only been there for 6 months and the whole of France is emigrating to Newcastle.


Joey seems to have taken a disliking to Thiago Silva after some comments made by him in last nights post match press conference.

Joey has asked is Silva pre op or post op.

Joey be crazy.

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What was the point of him retiring. He’s at every game. Go on holiday. Play golf. Spend time with your family. Or friends Busy c*nt #fergie


Barton, meanwhile, reportedly took a swipe at fellow promoted side Middlesbrough at Burnley’s player of the season awards on Sunday night.

When asked if he thought a second-placed finish would have deserved an open-top bus ride, Barton said: 'Would I fk. Seriously, look at the w*ers at Middlesbrough with their sh***y little trophy


He’s right. There’s also the little matter of the shitty little cheque for 100 mill or so.


Joey is an excellent pro. Great call by Sean Dyer to bring him in.


A warrior. The Burnley fans went mental when the ginger Mourinho signed him, but Joey mugged them all off and they only went and named him their POTY.

Christ he’s unreal, he really is. He has a great way about him.


He is good on the radio as well.


Joey gives good talk. His autobiography should be a worth a read.


Delighted for Joey. Consistently under-appreciated for his whole career. The kind of player only his own supporters can see the work he is doing


His French is unrale too.


Didnt forget the City fans either when the time came to do the right thing when playing for QPR in that never to be forgotten final league game of the season in 2012


Sean Dyche, mate. I wouldn’t normally correct what was probably a predictive text issue but this is my beloved Clarets we’re discussing.


He can achieve anything he puts his mind to


Fair enough Bandsge. I was hasty typing.

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Ah lovely Joey, sew it into those West Ham cunts


Tbf, this is a midweek game.


He’s eviscerated the cunts there tbf.