John Deere or New Holland

Well which is it. I’d be a JD man meself but a lot of the fellas round here would be fond of the NH. Spent a few hours on a Fendt 936 there during the week, done a bit of baling with a fusion ii but that’s dream world stuff. How bout ye men, the blue or green machine?


massey is classy but zetor is better eh dunph

What would you know you townie cunt?

PS hard luck on Sunday

Fly away on my Zetor,
I feel it more than ever,
And in this perfect weather…

John deere is only a green zetor both shit machines. Case all the way.


A fella from Laois wishing me hard luck? Christ

A townie cunt talking about tractors? Christ.

Who said I was from a town?

Its been well established here before that you are a townie cunt Cian.

Established by yourself only. I might be a farmer for all you know. Anyway what tractor did ya pick? JD is some machine isn’t it?

Depends on the make, year and whether shes a partial powershift to be honest.

If its Red,leave it in the Shed,Green is good to go.

John deere vs New Holland…John Deere everyday,no contest.

I don’t care for either to be honest, Massey Ferguson all the way, never used a fendt only sat in one, Zetor is support to offer the best fuel efficiency but they will always be fighting their tag of poor reliability, an awful lot of brand loyalty in farming the new JCB fast tracks are the dogs bollocks but they look funny and the first ones they made were poor enough.

John Deere have the name of being able to deliver more power New Holland would have a good name in my opinion those old fiat agri tractors were very simple effective machines, I’m surprised NCC hasn’t lambasted New Holland for their sponsorship of Juventus. New Holland are the only ones working on an alternatively powered tractor to my knowledge, also heard great reports about those new Belarus tractors ???

I suppose it all depends what you want it for most lads were getting contractors for everything for a while and only needed handy tractors

The Massey 265, the rest can FOAD

Great yokes alright more or less bullit proof

Think I might have posted this before but its as good a time as any to refute the myth that Mayo is only full of tractor loving sheep shagging homo’s.
Their are real people living real lives in places like Castlebar every day.

Often copied, never equalled…