John Delaney/ tugging off half the forum


Great to see Emmet Malone tearing into this cunt in the times today.

Hopefully we can salvage something from the last few disastrous days by showing this overpaid buffoon and national embarrassment the door.


Did the author steal most of that material from Delaneys recently edited wiki page the other day? I think he did.


Here it is



I wish the fervent anti-Delaney pricks on this board would fuck off.


If people want to criticise Delaney, could they not focus on the execution of his administrative duties? Or is that too much like hard work? Surely if he’s as incompetent as they make out it would be easy to build a case against him. There’s a holier than thou whiff off much of this ‘outrage’ over his public antics.


He is a fabulous orator :clap:


I heard Malone on The Last Word yesterday evening and he sound like an awfully hypocritical cunt. Cascarino, the bastion of virtue that he is, reminded Malone that on occasion journalists were prone to do wrong on these trips as well.

He was banging on about the train trip in the Ukraine, how Delaney bought the drink and how someone could have died as a result. Real someone think of the children stuff. Cascarino made the point that he didn’t force any to drink and these were adults who didn’t have to drink it.


I think Delaney is a clown by the way but Malone came across as an absolute dick head in the interview.


Monaghan Utd, Cork City, Sporting Fingal, Galway Utd, Dublin City, Kildare County, Kilkenny City all gone under his watch. You could even throw in Cobh who felt better off out of the league. A trail of shame left behind under his watch whilst he’s gorged himself on an utterly obscene salary.

The game is in a shambles at the moment and is only going to get worse until this cunt is chased out the door.


none of those clubs going bust are his fault- the blame lies with the owners of the club-crazy to blame him for those clubs living beyond their means. In scotland it is tinlegs and not the SFA to blame.

In regards to his salary- the FAI had a turnover of 40 million last year and he has led the way for small countries across europe to increase revenue with his innovative and ambitious TV righs plans. 400k isnt enough tbh


I see the Indo went with a big story attacking Delaney today in the faint hope of distracting people from the egg chasers getting annihilated on their ‘tour’.


Delaney stood firm and convincingly won the duel with Fanning. Well played John. :ireland:


John Delaney has announced he’s taking a 10% pay cut. :clap:


what? another pay cut- that too much in my opinion

he single handledy changed brodacating rights across europe and all fellow smaller nations are 40 million better off because of him

why take a pay cut at all


That’s just the kind of man he is Tase. We are blessed to have such a great man at the helm!


We’d want to be careful or he could be lost to us if we dont pay him what he is worth. The man needs to make a living after all. What a guy.


I’d love to see Delaney take over from Lawell at Celtic.


That’s a great shout.


Would be great to see John in amongst the Green Brigade on matchday.


John is one of life’s good guys