John Delaney


Market rate?

Guys are saying there is no expectation for instant success for the 6th highest paid manager in the world at one of the game’s traditional superpowers.

Market rate is defined by success. Klopp hasn’t won a league title in nearly 5 years. In fact, last I saw of him before arriving at Liverpool he had Dortmund on the verge of relegation.

It’s bizarre when twinned with the logic applied to Dela.


birds of a feather…


How many managers in PL have won a league title in one of Europe’s major football leagues.


Offhand 7.


Safe to say they are probably in amongst the top paid?


Not necessarily. I would assume that Ranieri and Puel would be on smaller wages than the likes of Pochettini and Koeman who haven’t won a major league title


of course he would


Long way to go yet. The pool are 8 or 9 points better on the same fixtures as last season.


Construction of the Munster Centre of Excellence in collaboration with Cork City and Cork County Council just announced. This seems like a fantastic development project which will benefit all levels of football in the region. Credit to all involved.


Thats incredible, the man is a innovator, he possesses unreal vision, the GAA could badly do with someone of his calibre at the top


but but but @caoimhaoin & @gilgamboa assured us that this will never happen


It hasn’t happened yet


Did I? Point me to the post please.

  • Yes
  • No


Just another lie from @The_Selfish_Giant so

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring. Your output cannot get any worse.




No i didn’t, and this wouldn’t happen without a few local sugar dadys. Delaney and the FAI told them get fucked when this was first floated, so they were going away doing it themselves and the FAI came crawling back. This has started and stopped several times already and was supposed to happen a number of years ago.


Are lads still falling for the old TFK Delaney is worth every penny shtick? :grinning:


Fantastic development for the organisation.

A 20,000 all seater with state of the art training facilities. Delaney. What a guy.

Hang on. It’s a setup on a par with several Gaa clubs.