John Delaney


And sponso red by the OCI


John Delaney appointed Martin O’Neill as Ireland manager.

FYI Information: an extended interview with O’Neill is on eir sport at 8.30pm. I’m recording it.


Thats exactly it, and they tried to stop it originally


Where are they getting the money for this? Or are they leasing it for 99 years?


It’s as reliable as facehop


He also appointed Steve Staunton.


I was seguing into mentioning the O’Neill interview rather than commenting on quality of managerial appointments. Stand down, please.


Its certainly as old as facehop.


You need to improve your seguing :slight_smile:


60 years.

Tick Tock


The fact that they won’t reveal that is telling. Now i have no idea of the legal rquirements of telling us that, i would assume any public money has to detailed. But i would suggest fuck all and they bribed their way in maybe out of embarrassment (City were doing this regardless i am told) or maybe they had someone by the balls and wanted to announce it. Its hard to know.

Bottom line is City ar3e happy out, at the end of the day they got what they wanted. They won’t be overly bothered by any other commitments to schools soccer or Munster teams etc. They will get everything they need. So being the type of club they are i would say they just decided to take the cunts money and put theirs somewhere else. Maybe wages.


For a organisation in severe debt they’ve done well here…And to continue to pay John 350k a year also.


Had some business in Aviva Stadium earlier. It truly is a monument to John Delaney’s leadership and vision:


Is it not owned by the IRFU, mate? Or are you saying the debt owed on it is a monument to John’s leadership?




Can you answer part 1 of the question at least?


I see yer man the junior minister from Limerick, Eoin McLove, wants to limit the terms of office of CEOs of sporting bodies. Did this gimp ever play sport at all I wonder?


All those muldoons posting on the Limerick GAA thread voted for this blueshirt simpleton and some other FG fascist in a 3-seat constituency. You literally couldn’t make it up.



That’s why I moved to Cork, mate.


Whereas the erudite electorate from Wexford vote in a guy who has literally cost the country millions in his failed business and declared himself bankrupt. He however can afford to go to his/his brothers * vineyard in Italy and watch some Italian soccer team play. The definition of a champagne socalist.

  • we all know he owns it but put it in the brothers name to avoid the revenue.

BTW I didn’t vote for P O’Donovan or his colleague but Wexicans slagging West Limerick people is laughable. Only Limerick East / City Environs are allowed slag the wannabe Kerry crowd