John Delaney


One of Ireland’s greatest men


I have been a critic but a tour de force from Mr Delaney in the Shelbourne Hotel his morning juxtaposing hard business analysis with sporting anecdotes and finished it up with a story about visiting a dying man yesterday in a hospice.


Anything about breaking promises to the working man?


Anything about terminating the contracts of anyone within the FAI that might have been seen as a threat to his dictatorship




great stuff

im sure the naysayers will find fault though


Anything @TheUlteriorMotive says on here cannot be taken seriously in light of his Christmas Card suggestion


Fixed your post.


please tell me you wernt lying about ester C?


There is a double negative in my response if you read it carefully.

That is the mental clarity from ester


Delaney is some clown. In all fairness.



Cracking result today for Mr Delaney


He wanted the Under 19s to get bet 4-0 by Portugal?


Nope, we destroyed the square heads and are top seeds for the euros