John leahy laochra gael on now

great show…

tipp apes running on the field after nickys goal in 89…what would they have done if they won last sunday!

Probably run onto the field. :confused:


Leahy, 97, snigger.

Well played…

Attaboy GerLock, stick the boot into him! :clap:

Any CCTV footage used?

some slap in the jaw he got off the wexford lad…

I have no pity for lads who don’t wear face masks.

Very fond of speaking about himself in the third person.

‘These days John Leahy isn’t playing to win anymore, John Leahy is just playing to join himself’

Especially liked the bit where they said that he was an icon and a role model to kids everywhere. :smiley:

Any footage showing his exploits in Manchester???

talented alright, but,

  1. probably the greatest knacker to play the game of hurling in the last 20 years, ie the tinker comments that everyone knows of against Galway.

  2. probably the biggest choker to play the game of hurling in the last 20 years, ie he was the sole reason tipp did not win an ai in 97. he made a hero of Day fitz.

What a cunt.

Kerry Offaly rivalry of early 80s on now.

Terrific little programme this.

Great save by Martin Furlong!

Seamus Darby’s goal is the greatest GAA moment there is. How that Galway point from 1998 won it I’ll never know.

So that’s what Micheal O’Se looks like!

I believe it was the run that led to the point rather than the point itself which won that competition.

I am aware of that.

In fairness it stands to reason that a run which led to a point in the first half of an All-Ireland Football Final is the greatest GAA moment of all time. You can’t possibly top that. Who scored the point? I can’t remember.