John O\'Donoghue in the Dail today

Just saw him losing it on the news with Michael Ring from Fine Gael and Arthur Morgan from Sinn Fein

What happened farmer? What was it over?

Not sure exactly. I think it started with Enda Kenny shouting off, O’Donoghue telling him to keep quiet, then Morgan shouting off, O’Donoghue telling him to keep quiet, then telling him to sit down. Morgan would’t sit down so O’Donoghue told him to ‘leave the house’. Morgan wouldn’t leave and I think the Dail was suspended. Then they came back in and Ring accused O’Donoghue of making up the rules as he went along. O’Donoghue completely lost it and looked as if he was going to burst with rage. He asked him to withdraw it, Ring said he wouldn’t and then he asked him to leave. The Dail was suspended again. Ring eventualy withdrew the statement under protest.

Brendan Houlin was then appointed as deputy to O’Donughue but many are now saying he will be appointed as O’Donoghue hasn’t the temperament for Ceannchomhairle. I don’t even think it was a major issue that was under debate

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sounds hilarious. hope howlin doesn’t become ceannchomhairle as he has a lot to contribute imo.

Yeah - he seems sharp alright

Not surprised with O’Donoghues actions - he doesn’t have the personality to be Ceann Comhairle. Not sure what the love for Brendan Howlin is based on though. He did nothing but progress Labour on the road to centre mediocrity.

I thought it was hilarious. They were like a bunch of first years in secondary school winding up the new thick substitute teacher. O’Donoghue went mental.

here is a clip from for it.

thepiedpiper wrote:

here is a clip from for it.

That’s farirly funny alright. “I will remind the deputy…”

Appalling line at the end as well about not being allowed to bring up the past when talking to the Chair. It’s like something from a power-crazy residents’ committee, not our parliament.

i just watched some video of it on very funny. click on the video camera.