Jonathan Sexton Concussion Watch

Get concussed?

How many concussions in the game so far, lads?


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Heads full of soup.

These French fellas are like their a different species. Obviously better medics.

Do the French have loads of black lads playing for them like they do in football.


Sexton mush - 69th minute

Sexton replaced holding his head like he’s got a migraine, in the 70th minute.


They’ll claim it is a hamstring injury.

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Veggie Sexton.

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This poor bastard should really give it up for his own sake


“johnny” will be devo when he hears the result in the morning

Joe would be grateful if you would all just stop speculating on things you know nothing about. Jonny is fine. And that’s that.

What a gent Eddie Jones is, showing concern for the opposition star. Thats rugby for you, total gents

Sexton is an interesting one,” said Jones.
“They’ve talked about him having whiplash injury which is not a great thing to talk about. I’m sure his mother and father would be worried about that. Hopefully, the lad’s alright on Saturday to play.”

28 mins in.

Johnny is wobbly on his feet here.

24 mins v Italy. Whiplash concern.

30 minutes, down again after another late hit.

Ireland just scored the ‘try of the championship’ in the wooden spoon game.

Jamie Heaslip is carrying a fair bit of timber.