Jonathan Sexton Concussion Watch

Took a bang on his head there on the 70th minute.

Are they going to keep playing him until he dies?

DOB puts that clause into all Siteserv contracts

Is that how he normally “tackles”?

Kicks the equalizer and goes off. You don’t even have to be sentient to play this game.

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Someone can’t look at him crooked without him getting a concussion.

This sport is a joke to be fair and anyone who “competes” in it a brain-dead idiot.

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True, imagine what the average boxer goes through and no one crying about it. They’re well paid to take a few belts.

Unbelieveably dangerous tackling technique.

It’s hard to believe it hasn’t been coached out of him at this stage.

Agreed. Most of his injuries are self inflicted.

An especially sickening snap on his neck when he got the concussion, he must be a veg already


Sexton is beginning to remind me of those crash test dummies that Volvo used to use in their ads.

One which is not wearing a seatbelt.

Ha, nicely done lads

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He’s a crap test dummy.

St Mary’s College have a lot to answer for.

Another concussion for Keith Earls today.

About his fifth in the last year. Another Sexton in waiting.

V France- 14 minutes.

Cheap shot mind you.

Not a concussion.

And not the kick of a concussed player.

The man can literally do it in his sleep.

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Sexton now allows ball slip through his hands.