Josepha Madiganisms

The schools aren’t closed, they’re just not open.

Wasn’t she the one who said “it’s not mandatory but it is compulsory” about something lately as well?

cc @Bandage


Cat got your tongue @Bandage?

That was Regina on the public service card. The mandatory/obligatory thing. Josepha is a wonderful specimen. Good FF stock just highlighting how interchangeable they are between FFG these days.

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Great thread :clap: :clap:

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Her tweeting about late nights in the Dail when voting on not to pay studentnurses backfired on her. :slight_smile:

Is she the one who “said mass” when the priest didn’t turn up?

She wrote a steamy sex novel too

Was it her who had the triumphant ‘no travellers on my watch’ leaflet?

Yes… And a picture of her pointing to the place on her wrist where her watch used to be before it was robbed.

Worth remembering.

did she or someone close to her represent bailey?

Her family’s law firm. She was with Bailey the night in question and widely assumed advised her on the legal opportunity of a pay day


Madigan does seem utterly unhinged.

I wouldn’t give her number 1, but I’d give her wan

She stabbed Shatter in back apparently too, he has a deep hatred of her. Almost as bad as his torch for Enda

I’d say she has a sex dungeon and a prayer room next door.


Josepha compared the teacher situation currently to the mother and baby homes scandals from times past on radio earlier

youd nearly swing for her, but then shed advise maria bailey to sue you

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No way!

Apparently so