JP McManus ProAm

Just looking at the news there and the crew that has been assembled to pay homage to the nations premier non-resident tax exile. I doubt there’s ever been a comparable gathering of tossers on these shores.

Fair play to him :clap:

muldoon peasant in bowing down to richman shocker


People would want to get get over their fascination trickster.

Forelock tugging simpletons.

Ask Tom Ryan what he thinks

Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing, thats all I’m saying. :unsure:

JP has asked me to clarify his tax position for him. He will be making no further comment.

"I left here in the early '90s and I went abroad. I get described as a tax exile. Now, I can only speak for myself, I can’t speak for anybody else. But I left Ireland around 1993. I didn’t have the style of living then that I have now. Or I couldn’t do the things then that I do now, because I couldn’t afford to.

"What I find interesting is that if you leave Ireland and you set up businesss abroad, or you go to work abroad, and you don’t do particularly well, you’re an immigrant. If you do well when you go abroad, you’re an exile.

“When I left Ireland, I didn’t leave in order to avoid any particular tax in Ireland. I paid my taxes fully, I had no impending capital gains tax or anything like that. I paid in full, and then I left.”

Statement ends.

where is the treacherous cunt resident for tax purposes?

Some people on here have seious issues with rich people. Fucking degenerates.

Begrudgery Flano, plain and simple. Let them eat cake.


I would rather JP distribute a few million to needy local charities than to give it to those buffoons in Dail Eireann to pump into some bottomless pit of a bank.

JP was asked once why he gives more money to Limerick GAA than he gave to the Tsunami relief fund. He replied saying Limerick GAA was a bigger disaster zone.

From speaking to a friend who was running a charity event once JP would strike me as an alright sort, no bother giving pucks of cash to charitys once you facilitate him the relevant proof of it being a real charity. Begrudgery is all.


I see a lot of people have been taken in by this gangster. We know where the money came from jp!

Who cares where it came from?

JP contributes generously to my local GAA club ROwer/Inistioge by being one of the main sponsors of our golf classic,around €1k i think,every Year.

Interesting. I didnt think he’d be on for that sort of crack, how did ye swing that Link, do ye have an in with him? €1K wouldnt break him or anything but its a nice wedge to pick up.

BTW, what the fuck are Rower doing running Golf Classics? Tis far from fucking golf classics ye were raised.

Apparently their players prefer the non contact element of golf.

Robin Williams put it best about golf