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Irelands Climate targets

"The solution isn’t supply it’s demand. The herd thing is completely overplayed for me. There’s easier wins that won’t be half as destructive to the economy.
Greens promise to stop all raw sewage into the sea in 5 years. Process the sewage into fertiliser as is done already in places. No one could disagree with that and it’s achievable and is a win all over for everyone.
Enforce stringent recycling regulations. No more single use plastics etc. Again I don’t think many could be against that. Make ireland a World leader in sustainable packing production. No more exporting of recycling either. Shipping our shit off to some poor third world country so they can dump it in landfill and we can pretend we are doing our part recycling.
Ramp up insulation grants for older houses, Subsidies for air to water heating systems Etc.
Gradually remove coal from the market as a fuel, encourage people to install wood pellet stoves etc.
Big program where all government buildings are to be retrofitted for energy efficiency, hospitals, schools etc etc again there’s a win all round. Some schools spend a small fortune on their heating bills that could instead be put to better uses.

All of these are achievable policies, which would make a real difference and would have basically no objectors."


Covid 19

“It’s far too early to be giving anyone credit for anything for all we know the Brits are doing the right thing. We won’t know for a few years, maybe a decade.
Maybe the likes of Vietnam have an immunity For some reason we don’t know about and it’s nothing they’ve actually done.
Maybe people from Spain, Italy and France are genetically very susceptible to it for some reason, which would also carry over to Brazil, USA etc as well.
Maybe it’s pollution, obesity, or population density, or BCG, or a factor we haven’t even thought of yet.
Fooled by randomness, into thinking there’s a reason for something, that could be dumb luck”

“This whole thing will be all over by June”


Disappointing that we’ve only gotten two posts into this thread and you’ve referenced a post which clearly states I don’t have the answer.

Any other Intractable problems that need solving post them here. I’m happy to help

Did @Juhniallio make a balls of the skirting and blame someone else?


You’d certainly have to wonder why he’s left cleaning up the mess if he didn’t make it himself.

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It just shows how valuable this place is.

He obviously came under pressure from herself. Panicked, took a picture and said, fuck it, I’ll ask the lads


It’s cos I was there today and saw it and that shit bothers me. I used to be quite good at shit like that and actually had standards. I’ll have a few cans tomorrow and go at it sure…


I had this. @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy is merely delivering the coop della grass


Hard to argue with any of that.
I’m underwhelmed by this though.

When @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy creates a thread about you, then you know you’re in a rent free status