Just in case you are wondering

you wont hear from Raven today - he is down at the National Ploughing Championships today

I wasnt wondering actually but thats good to hear.

Thought he hated boggers, especially people from Bogtrim.

i know bandage - i am waiting with baited breath to see how hes getting on. i will send a text to him at 11.00 and will keep you all updated.

Any word from fingal hoop?

Raven seems to be mixing quite well but he says there are a lot of small farmers whining about hard they have it.

He is currently in a queue to test drive a top of the range Massey Ferguson

I hear there does be a lot of cracking looking farmers daughters there, mini skirts and wellies is their attire of choice apparently

What age is Fingal Raven? Also am I right in saying that he is married?

Maybe he should grow t’fuck up…

Why? Because he went to the ploughing championships?

therock67 wrote:

Why? Because he went to the ploughing championships?

Its probably because he was chasing after the farmers daughters, can’t say I blame him. :kiss: