Kanye West

Very hard to watch. Through the wire was some tune.

Musical genius and madness seem to go hand in hand, just look at @Tassotti, @hbv and @Juhniallio.

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And Sean Dyche?

Thousands of hits on YouTube. THOUSANDS!

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True…and let’s not forget Fagan’s oboe

  • Genius
  • Insane
  • I’d ride the hole off Kim

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Kim never done much for me. I’d much prefer Kendall.

Bats. And Rogan’s gone to the dogs with it.

I’m about 40 mins in and Jesus Christ its a must listen. Hes gone from running for president, talking about starting a gospel University, building a 200k seater stadium for gospel hynmes, building a new city using renewable energy but no solar panel as he doesn’t believe in them, the music industry raping musicians like me too movement to God talking about him. I’m not even a third of the way through. He must watch some amount of conspiracy theories on YouTube

Have you got to the bit where he describes himself as another Elon musk or Howard Hughes?

Not yet, imagine doing a Monday map of all the tangents he takes. I say rogan gave up fast asking him to explain everything he was saying

It would be some interview if rogan would quit humouring him

They would be at it for 8 or 9 hours then. Hes the biggest lunatic he has ever had I say. Ted Nugent was good craic Kanye is on another planet

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Kanye and Kim?

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How Ye doin?
I’m survivin
I was drinkin earlier
Now I’m drivin

Is Kanye on the tipping point of loosing it completely? He’s had some strange Instagram posts lately including this a screenshot looking for his ex wife’s number. Did she change her number to avoid him?