Kerry Katona

Former Atomic Kitten member who was married to Brian McFadden. The couple were dubbed the “Posh and Becks” of Ireland.

Kerry is an extremely attractive lady and would be responsible for more than one or two teenage boys’ sticky mattresses.

It is also known that anyone beating off to kerry katona would also beat off to shirley temple bar.

She must be stuck for a few pound.

Who da fuck would pay for that ?

Is it one of them sex cams I wonder shes setting up .

what is it?

You can pay £25 a month to look at Kerry Katona.


Who the fuck would pay that money to look at anyone, let alone her ffs.



Your old mate was a big fan.

She’s 39 (thirty nine) :grimacing: Christ she’s in bits.

There’s young wans making savage money selling pics online.

I burst out laughing at that :joy:

Selling nude/raunchy pics? How come they’re not being shared more widely? It’s an awful existence

Selling used underwear is a big hit on the internet. Imagine the lads from DHL driving miles around cork to drop off dirty thongs to @gilgamboa.

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Hold on to your 25 pound I’d say


I still would