Kev, I’ve been thinking about my behaviour in relation to you and your musings over the last couple of days. I think I was wrong and unfair on you. I’d like to put it behind us and move on. Unlike our Taoiseach, I am saying I was wrong and I’m sorry.


This gets worse for Bandage.

Humiliation at this stage.

Fuck off farmer. It’s hard to be the bigger man(not for you clearly) and apologise without idiots like you chiming in with shit like that.


Apology accepted unreservedly.

And i reciprocate the apology to yourself as well Bandage, for any insults jibes etc. I’m sure we’ll move on, and as you say, be all the better for it.

I do reserve the right to slag the shite out of you at any stage in the future though.

Some one delete this whole thread. Fuck sake… Well done Kev however.

Some pile of gaylords in this thread.


This is some fucked up shit on here.

Maybe ye should all stop taking everything so seriously :rolleyes:

Cracking stuff from Kev :clap:
Fair play mate

Fair play for accepting the apology, Kev. There’s nothing surer than that we’ll cross paths again but I was out of order in some of my comments and in personalising it too. Good luck with the bets for the rest of the weekend.

You forgot to add “good luck with your flyer company, kev”…

fair play to kev. one of the few alright sorts in these e-parts

If nothing else kev is the embodiment of the notion that if you have the crowd behind you then you’re facing the wrong way. And he’s pissed all over that utter cunt bandage here :clap: :clap:

Kev has really turned things around here the past two weeks



ah fantastic stuff

Badly missed around here - The likes of Perez would have loved him.

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You can leave a message down the bottom of the article if you want to give Kev feedback - I see @balbec already has.

@LetterkennyMan was bang out of order on this thread.