You fucking retard.


Nice, you went to the pub with bandage tonight and ye actually brought me up in convrsation.

Ye sad fucks, get a life, real life is in that pub where ye were, not here. Your mate is able to give it, but not take it, thats his problem, not yours. Worry about other, more important, real things.

Grow the fuck up.

Must say, i feel privileged to have a thread set up just for me. A great day to be “Kev”


another one, kev will be delighted, he is picking these apes off one by one

The slimline tonics must be really messing Jugs up.

Kev likes the auld commas and pausing for dramatic effect. Eight in three sentances there…


Hey kev you paedo stop groping young boys in shorts who’s this bandage character? You fucking GGA childfucker

this is a most disturbing post…

what a barnstorming retort, :clap: :pint:

I’m just a man who gets carried away, and grammar is forgotten.

I do apologise for that, as i know it annoys some creatures.

For those fools who went to the pub. This is what i did for the last 10 mins,

Sing “I’m on Fire” with the auld fella, with me trying (trying must be emphasised ) to play the guitar and him on the harmonica. We know the word, but not a note to be found :lol:

What a laugh.

christ , this thread is taking some dreadful twists…

Did you rub the auld fella’s cock? Sounds like you did. Does he like the young boys too? Is that where you get it from? Does kiddy rubbing run in the family?

I can’t do anything about your lack of a father, its a massive void, and i feel sorryu for you. No way would you be the pussy you are if you’d actually grown up with a dad. Thank god for adoption, a great thing.

Fair fucks to Kev for bringing down those saddos. Thank goodness I’m not drinking with them now. It’s not amusing - it’s immature.

kev is my mate so he is.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

:clap: :clap: :lol:

I think its fair to say we are mates Clarkey. I think its your respect and openness for and with women that makes me like you.