Kevin Bridges

Any aware of this bloke’s work?

Saw him on HIGNFY and thought he was excellent. Saw him as well on that Live at the Apollo, as well a few YouTube clips. Funny bloke.

Big Celtic fan as well apparently.

The Scottish Sun did an exposé on him the other day. Got a hold of a picture of him at Ibrox last season holding a ‘Fuck the Huns’ scarf aloft. Won’t somebody please think of the children? What style of comedian is he, Farmer? Never seen his work.


going to see him in october in the olympia- good clip on you tube where he is slagging dunnes stores

there is a photo of him at ibrox a few years back with a fuck the huns scarf

angry glaswegian - a bit like franky boyl but probably not as cutting or controversial- maybe more cerebral

As NCC says it’s a lot older than last year. Good guy funny enough from what I’ve seen on YouTube.

He has a pretty relaxed style, not overly reliant on being controversial but just funny. He acts as if he is just down the pub with his mates.

Fairly thick Scottish accent as well which adds to the effect.

The caption competition on HIGNFY springs to mind.

It was a picture of a huge dog and a small person.

Bridges just says in his Glaswegian accent ‘An oversized doooooooog’.

Then he asks for another go and says again after a long pause '‘An oversized doooooooog’.

Then he just giggles away to himself.

I find that kind of randomness funny I must say.

I’ve seen this lad on a few things before alright. He’ll never break the States, which in essence means he’ll never make it. His accent is unbelievably thick. He is pretty funny though.

Dick jokes never grow old do They?

Would highly recommend this lads dvd. Watched it on Sunday night. Hard to believe he’s so young. The Dunnes Stores joke is class.


That was hilarious, farmer. Can’t believe I didn’t se this until now


That was hilarious, TASE. Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now

Haven’t seen any of his work yet, but anyone who has a ‘fuck the huns’ scarf goes straight into the pantheon of Irish heroes surely.
We’ll support him or die.

Anyone see the Kevin Bridges show that BBC showed over Xmas? Its fucking excellent.