Kiely/grapes whinges, limerick performances dive

A pure stones of a man. Disgracing us twice in a week by running to the media and having a cry.

Don’t be coming to watch my boys if you have nothing nice to say . My boys are all lovely little boys and i don’t care that youre paying your hard earned cash to stand in freezing cold weather watching my lovely boys getting destroyed, you be nice to my boys or stay away. The thundering fucking gobshite.

Then disgracing us in front of the national media having another big cry about manly hurling and phantom penalties. His lovely boys couldn’t hack it and whiny Kiley broke down crying as result.

He’s going to set Limerick hurling back 20 years, get him out now before we have to listen to a summer of whinging about how his lovely boys have been blackguarded.


I rode your mother @Dooley

I find myself nodding in agreement with the thread title & all of that informative post. :clap:

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Whiny Kiely … you’re a gas man @anon32894817

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Can anyone post up his interview with RTE? Did he make an ape of himself in any radio interviews as well? If so, can someone be so kind as to post that up too.

Christ, he’s an awful eejit.

Excuse me?

Pure stones is a very rural expression… It’s you or @TreatyStones.

@The_Selfish_Giant can you please disposition this “thread”

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It was a clear penalty ffs. Should he not have mentioned it?

The Wexford keeper should have been red carded for a professional foul* too at the end, all Limerick got out of it was a 21 yard free…

*I realise there’s no such rule in Hurling

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He was moaning that that foul by the keeper at the end wasnt a penalty and they only got a free for it and that the keeper didnt get a second yellow card. Nevermind the fact that the foul was ouside the box so couldnt have been a free, or that the keeper was yellow carded for that foul but didnt already have a yellow so couldnt be sent off for it.

Also moaning about not getting any frees inside the 65, when he clearly did get frees inside the 65, at least 4.

he can talk about the other penalty incident if he wants, but pissing and moaning about phantom penalties and red cards make him a complete whinging cunt.


+1. The job’s too big for him.


truth told, “the job” is probably too big for Brian Cody .

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Between Limerick and Kilkenny moaning it’d nearly put people off of the game.
Whinge whinge.whine whine.


He reminds me of Liam Dunne in his early days. Needs a media training course.

Great post dooley

Tenuous grasp of the rules there Gman

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Are we 100% he was looking for a penalty for that. I brought this up with @Bandage the other day but I’m certain that I heard a radio interview where he whinged about that tackle but the crux was that it was only going to result in a 21 yard free, my reading was that he felt the goalie should have been given the road.

Wexford, Tipp and Cork lads are obsessed with Limerick Hurling… :smile: :laughing:

Box Fucking Office.

I’ll admit I do follow those threads religiously.
The same way the some ghoulish people stop to look at car crashes.
It’s a strange obsession alright, no doubt about that.


That’s an original excuse alright mate :thumbsup: :rollseyes: