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Yeah true, and my earlier point still stands, a lot of ‘crime’ gets swept under the carpet. Would be surprised if the DPP pursues this


Any update on the nature or extent of Ryan Bergins injury with John Lockes yesterday? Hopefully not too bad and he’ll be available for the next day.


Didn’t know about the injury. One of the Lockes better players but hadn’t been playing great but doing okay for his ability by all accounts.

Fethards to loose


I’ve friends from the neighbouring parish to Fethard and they’re telling us the Fethard are awful dirty.

Mind you, we’re no angels.


@Gman what say you?

Are they not a bit young to be dirty?


Yeah wouldn’t consider them dirty at all, in any shape or form. The last 3 games the opposition has gone out hacking the shit out of us and have had a man sent off in each game, 2 of them yesterday. History we’d have been a bunch of big ignorant dirty cunts, but different breed now.

Looks like there’s a double up on Saturdays venue and time too.


I heard they’re fierce dirty cunts altogether


Tramps to a man


Fuck you Fran.

You too laois man. Easy to type that from behind the printers.


Hardly be able to play both games at the same time so I’d tentatively suggest that one of them might be played earlier?

I’d imagine Leinster fixed your game without notifying Wexford CCCCCCC? Or has your game even been fixed yet? Is it just assumed to be on next Saturday at 2pm in Innovate Wexford Park?


Gurriers, Ted.


Our game was fixed weeks ago, provisional fixtures were published on the leinster website after the semi final draw. Check the reply to your clubs twitter.

Sure worked out well when we both played at same venue a few weeks ago!


I’d take that alright.

I can’t believe our CCCCCC would make a cock up though.


You left out some sarcastic smilies there.

I’m just waiting on a venue change for the games now. Also, Kilanerin are out at 2 at a wexford venue too. Don’t think our lads expected anyone to win any games in leinster!


Just looked at the history of this competition. In 15 years of it, Kilkenny teams have been in the final every year, winning 12 times. Only once did a wexford team even get to a final. And ye cunts have won it already too! Fuck sake!


Buckley looked to be badly caught for pace today.


The next KK Captain


Great skill but o Callaghan way too quick.


The whole team did . Buckley was trying to put out too many fires .

Did Dicksboro celebrate a bit much ???


Won it back in 2,10. Some knuckle draggers from North Cork beat us in the AI final, the cunts.

Wexford hurling in better shape than KK at present, still say the dirty deckers from Fethard to win by 4