Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table




Great idea!


Surely one of the multitude of wars throughout history has that one sewn up.


Yea, or a North Korean military parade.




There was a lot of German helmets on show in Paddy Jackson’s house a few years back also, apparently.


What why are you tagging me in this?


What’s the Skeoughvosteen input there? (crest on bottom right)


cc @AppleCrumbled


Why are you tagging me in this ?


Presume they are running it. Skeough or Black&whites would be a club based around the rural hinterland of Graignamanagh. A poor junior club. They’d be as well off joining with their townie neighbours. Chap Cleere would probably be their best player. Won a few AI medals in the early 00s. A FF councillor now I believe.


Who is the midget?


Not many parishes in KK that have two teams. Graigue and B&A, Mooncoin and Carrigeen… John Lockes and Coolagh :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:


Coolagh haven’t been for nearly 20 years now buh. God be with the days.


It’s over 20 years since I last played with the (both) clubs :smiley:


Are Threecastles still on the go?


They are


Aren’t Threecastles and St. Lachtains (Freshford) the same parish??


Oh god no