Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


Ya, and they did (for the first 20), but it’s a 70 minute game


I’m with Mike here. They were absolutely unbelievable for the first 20 mins. As good as anything I have ever seen. They were almost as good in the last 10 minutes after Kilkenny got back to a point. This Galway team reached a higher level last Saturday than anything they have produced before.


And what did they do once KK came back alongside them? Pedal down and gone.


Complacency is a disease, and there was definitely a bit of it against Clare for some reason. There’s a huge difference between confidence and complacency.


If that’s the debate then I get it, I thought we were speaking of the entire performance, a lot of teams can put an incredible 20 together


If anything there was a sense of fear and reluctance heading out to Ennis needing a win,most lads here flagged that weeks in advance.


Galway were very impressive but I don’t think you can understate how shit Kilkenny were. Really really poor.


When were they better? I don’t remember seeing anything like the first 20 minutes. The first 5 minutes against Waterford in the final were similar.


2015, 2016 and 2017 were as poor years as Limerick ever had, which is saying something.

Would give all involved a pass for last year, it followed on from arguably the lowest ebb we were at for quite some time so there was always going to be a bedding in period for the first year. Like Derek McGrath had in Waterford.

There has been progress this year, psychologically getting out of that 1B nightmare was a huge thing. The manner of it even more so, over hauling a big deficit against the reigning All-Ireland champions on their own turf. Yeah Galway didn’t give a damn about the league but neither did Cork or Waterford and they pipped us for promotion in recent years.

Getting out of Munster was the next step. Ok, the Clare game was a disaster but nobody wins in Ennis. It being the third game in a row, the red cards opening more space obviously didn’t help either. But I’d like to think that the first three games of the campaign are a more accurate summation of where we are it. Laboured against Tipp for long stages when we were much the better team but eventually got it done, the Cork game was the best we’ve played since August 2014 while we clinically despatched an ailing Waterford.

It has been a reasonable year and, if defeat is our lot on Sunday, I’d probably have taken the year overall if offered it last January.

But realistically this team needs a big break out, knock out championship victory against one of the big boys. A golden chance was spurned in Nowlan Park last summer. To be making progress we need to kick on and take their scalp.

Kilkenny and their support don’t have an ounce of fucking respect for Limerick no matter what they say - and why would they. We’ve not beaten them in 45 years. The only way they respect you is by beating them. I’m quietly confident but at the same time if you go through both teams they have probably the best 5 or 6 individuals on either side. P Walsh, Buckley, Murphy, Hogan, Reid, Fennelly.

We’re not without hope though. When we are at it like in Cork we can trouble anyone. But troubling someone and beating them are worlds apart. Losing that epic game in 2014 wasn’t worth a tinkers curse to us. Sad to say but that’s the brutal reality of it.

Good mentality in this Limerick side though. Not going out hoping to win but expecting it. It’s a game that could go any which way but if we are to turn them over it’ll have to surpass anything we have produced this year. If Galway were playing anyone else last Sunday they’d have won by 18 points. As it was they were a point up with ten mins to go. Cody is like Fergie, they’ll never, ever throw the towel in. The cunts.


You’re very rarely going to sustain the level of performance that Galway had in the first 20 and last 10 minutes for a full 70. With all the hailing of Kilkenny’s never say die spirit, it largely seems to be overlooked how Kilkenny seem to be having 30-40 minutes spells in nearly every match where they are absolutely woeful - Salthill, Wexford in Nowlan Park and last Sunday in Thurles all cases in point. You’re not going to keep getting away with that and they’ll get a real hammering fairly soon, possibly even on Sunday.

It was essentially two goals that should have been disallowed for over carrying and a scuttery mishit shot that came back off the woodwork that kept Kilkenny in it on Sunday. Its amusing to hear the likes of Brendan Cummins and Duignan every time Kilkenny get a run of a few scores suddenly thinking that they’re suddenly going to beat this Galway team. That’s probably Cody’s greatest legacy, the culture of absolute fear and the aura that he’s created which is still there in some ways with this current very ordinary team.


People are overrating Galway and in turn overrating Kilkenny on the basis of their performances against them. Wexford and Dublin should have put Kilkenny to the sword but didn’t take their chances. Limerick are much better than them and I’m extremely confident we’ll win on Sunday. This Kilkenny team are very average.





If Lk don’t beat Kk will you see the year as a failure ??


We have some lads fearing a Kilkenny blitzkrieg others expecting Limerick to paste KK and the majority in the middle who would bite your hand off for a 1 point win.


Kilkenny have been average for years bud. waterford very nearly let them off the hook as well last year, remember.

a pattern develops when behaviour repeats itself. They are very, very hard beat. Better teams than us have failed.




it has to be seen as a failure.

Alright, out of the dungeon of 1B is a bonus.

As someone on here rightly pointed out recently, if we lose to KK it is a carbon copy of last year.

Lose to Clare in Munster and get knocked out in AI series by KK.


Galway have the gears, it’s only a matter of when they use them. They might get caught, but it’s hard to see it happen this year.

Between kk and LK I thing whichever team scores the most goals will win. And I think that will be Kilkenny.


what I like about Galway is the full back line will take yellow cards rather than let you in for handy goals,

Skehill might cost them in a tight match if a team goes for goals towards the end.


Nothing wrong with Skehill, but Quaid is a soft spot on the Limerick team and he’ll see plenty of action on Sunday.