Kilkenny v Limerick 2019

Split loyalties for me on this one, split 95/5.

This is our chance, it’s the draw we wanted (that and Laois), at home, a packed Nowlan Park. Limerick won’t fear us



AET? We’ll be praying for the final whistle 20 minutes out.


We will finish ye off for the next 10 years and end Codys reign of terror.

I’ll be heading around the county now with an AK 47. Looking for good sniping positions.Ger Aylward, Colm Fennel ly, Richie Hogan and Michael Fennel ly should all be taken care of by Wednesday. It could be Thursday though before I get to TJ Reid

Is this on. Sky ?

Enjoy sniping with an AK47 buddy. :fearful:

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Shit yea :grin::grin::grin:

A real novelty factor about this. We never get to go to KK for a match.

Has Mick Fennelly been re-assembled yet?

He’s in ribbons

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Ive already broke 2 hurleys off the cows in the field behind, @Fran @Locke @Loko_Cove and the rest of ye dreary cunts Winter is coming


Come out ye black & tans, come fight me like a man. Good man, stick it in to them. This is yere time. Go and finish Cody.

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This is definitely on in Nowlan park this coming Saturday is it?

Twill Be confirmed later on today

Kilkenny 1/3
Limerick 11/4
Draw 10/1

We may as well go whole hog in this and field the U21 team. We’ll be practically doing it anyways.

Look, I would have preferred them at home. But there’s no point hiding behind facile victories over the likes of Westmeath. Go out and empty the tank, leave nothing on the field against Kilkenny. Manic intensity, run at them at every opportunity, that’s what we need.

No one gives us a chance. If we beat KK in Nowlan Park, it could be the making of this team. And they are not the team of old either, they are definitely beatable.


Scenes of this coming Saturday evening.

Ah lovely…No hiding now.