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Who’s the worst player/manager to ever be a regular rte gaa pundit? Could nearly be brolly id say. They kind of have a legends only policy. No Jermaine jenas Danny Murphy types.

Did you ever see Brolly play?

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Ciaran Barr was a regular hurling pundit in the 1990s. Probably him.

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Pete Finnerty

You’re all joking right?

Yea but he’s nowhere near the other lads I can think of off top of my head. Spillane o Rourke Tomas o se, gooch, cavanagh, Lee Keegan etc.

Eh. Ciaran Whelan?

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It seems to be between the two of them

Declan “Skippy” Ruth was a regular for at least one full season, possibly more. I liked him as a player but he was hardly a Hall of Famer. A sub on the Wexford 1996 AI winning team as an U21 followed by a solid stint as a senior but didn’t have the profile or medals of his panel contemporaries & I’ve no idea how he was selected for the role.



Neither tubs or Skippy were regulars in any sense of the word though.

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Coman Goggins.


Classy footballer

Very decent shout that.

I could have said Liz Howard but that would have smacked of misogyny and I don’t believe she fitted the original criteria of being either a player or a manager. The night she cried because Tipperary had taken off Mossy Carroll will however take beating in the annals of the Sunday Game.

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Its always stops me in my tracks when she comes up on my facebook timeline from time to time under some GAA article screaming into void.

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Got nominated but didn’t get an All-Star. He was still playing senior football for AGB up until a couple of years ago.

Larry O’Gorman was of the worst ever pundits on the Sunday Game.

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Liz Howard