KilliamM2 Youtube Channel

Its been alluded to on here before that FOTF KillianM2’s youtube channel is essential viewing. You could get lost on it for days on end.

Some belters gone up in recent weeks


Interviews should still be done like this :clap:

“You can have that fag you’ve promised yourself all afternoon”

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Ah that’s unreal. Full Sunday Game from 1 September 1996 up.

one of the goals of the year, 2 Donegal lads running into each other and falling over and a one 2 between Tyrone players before the ball is palmed into the net. :joy:

hard to believe 1997 was 20 years ago


yeah i know this lad
thanks for posting
some crowd in clones

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Some classics in there.

Joe McNally still playing in 1989 surprised me

He effectively finished my career in 1991 when he fell across my knee in a club game in Bohernabreena.

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He left you with plenty of stories


this is wonderful, a beautiful depiction of something lost

In fact as I remember it Big Joe was a minor in 1982 so he would only have been 25 in 1989.

Minor goalie wasn’t he?

He was.

Winnie Royston is some bird!

That’s a lovely video.

The Old Croke Park was a much better venue than the redeveloped one


Ambrose won GOTY if I remember correctly. He fucking pegged it so he did. :clap::clap:[quote=“myboyblue, post:4, topic:23909, full:true”]

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Barry Murphy of Apres Match threatens viewers to get down to Power City. Incredible scenes.


There is no part of this, that isnt magnificent.