Killie v Celtic - 7.30pm kick off

I think it was Rodgers greatest league win . I know he talks a lot of shit but the positivity and calmness does seem to carry the players at difficult times

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Yeah think it was his toughest anyway.

There was more swagger about his first spell and bullying other teams but that was from a position of greater strength.

I think how we responded in the last couple of months in particular is a testament to the belief he instilled in the team. Some of that aforementioned swagger was back and we have ended up looking much better than the Huns.

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“Piling on the agony”

The footix use of ‘we’ when referring to a British franchise is very telling

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The Scots are tremendous supporters.

Of the Union.

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Just listening to some title winning podcast content & I think Tony Haggerty on The Celtic Way comparing Adam Idah’s performance last night with the original Ronaldo 9 is very apt. And to do it against a centre back partnership of Robbie Deas & Stuart Findlay. World class.

What an astute piece of business by Rodgers & I think we probably don’t win the league if Idah doesn’t score those injury time winners at Hibs & Motherwell back around February when the team wasn’t firing. I remember saying back then that we just needed to hang onto Rangers’ coattails because the pressure would crank up & we needed to be in striking distance when they blinked.

On @Rocko & @Bisto earlier to & fro, there’s certainly a small cohort who’ll never be happy with anything. Win 2-0 & it’s “but did you see the chances we missed? It should have been 4 or 5.” Win a league & it’s “yeah but there shouldn’t have even been a title race to begin with” etc etc. Some INTERNET performative types seemed very invested in Celtic ending the season trophyless so they could say they were right at the expense of the team they support winning something. But the last 2 months & seeing Celtic clicking into gear & playing some swashbuckling stuff down the stretch while the huns wilted…that was terrific & last night was fantastic.


There’s a balance between wanting the team to win and wanting the team to improve. Celtic have won league but haven’t improved . I don’t think wanting the team to keep improving , given how embarrassingly shit they have been in Europe , really means you’ve some agenda against the club.
Sure if the mixed performances were enough to win the league this year we’ll then fcuk it don’t buy anyone and hope it’s enough to win Scotland next year too.

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Ah I think there’s universal acceptance that the team needs to improve and Rodgers seems clear on that. I hope the change of recruitment team means the rest of the club hierarchy understands it too. The European record is nowhere near good enough.

My gripe is more around the “it was only Hamish MacKilmarnock” etc above that makes little to no sense for a supposed Celtic fan (not you).

The SPL isn’t the be all and end all but it shouldn’t be just dismissed as a nothing achievement either.


@Rocko’s pretty much summed it up. It’s not an either/or & I think every Celtic fan wanted the team to continue winning AND to improve. The signings have been poor by & large, & the team struggled. But then they showed some character & key players showcased their talent & mental strength after they’d found themselves in a difficult situation. The team turned it around comprehensively, while playing good football, & that’s being lauded not dismissed by most Celtic fans. And still we hope/want/demand want good signings to kick on this summer.

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I supported Celtic long before you I suspect. I actually lived in Glasgow. You just don’t like anyone slagging the current management off because one of them waved at you across the corporate tent once.


You’ve gotten very snippy lately.

Congratulations on being older. Your recent opinions on Forrest and the J League suggest you should pay a little more attention to the team you “support.”

Ok, I’ll ladybird it. Celtic rolled the dice with Ange because he was cheap, and it came off in spades. He had intimate knowledge of the j league, and is a deeply intelligent man. He raided it for its crown jewels and that paid off because of his knowledge. The Celtic recruitment team then thought great, and true to form tried the same skimping bringing in good players, but not of the same quality you mentioned completely selectively above. They still adopt the stack em high but em cheap approach where it’s clear they need fewer and higher quality players. Scales is admirable, but he doesn’t have the passing of a decent defender (nor the defending). You mention forrests recent return to form as it suits your argument, but the devil can cite scripture for his purpose.
Unlike others, who follow a British football franchise because it makes them feel speshul and brave singing ira songs down the back of bairds, I was actually invested in the local community. I lived in maryhill and used to go to the jags as well, but my pals were for the most part weegie Celtics so I went with them and enjoyed it.
I gain no pleasure at all from much done whilst rangers were gone. What’s the point? There is only rangers. Rangers are still a mediocre side across a season. We should be beating them, but should also be aiming higher. Them being at one stage neck and neck only recently is an indictment of the paucity of the current squad. You said yourself, once the first team players are back we played better, though we stumbled over the line against a poor 10 man rangers side at home.
I don’t really care enough about football to talk shite about inverted wingers or midfield triangles, and whilst I use it on occasion because it’s shorter, saying “we” makes me cringe unless it’s Galway.
Perhaps you’re right, and I’m not a supporter, but I have a deep and abiding love of Glasgow and still go there whenever I can.
Finally, whilst I’ve been told by folk who know him that Brendan Rogers is a nice man, I don’t like him as a manager, didn’t want him back, and he looks like he admires himself in the mirror from multiple angles every morning. Id have far preferred Eddie Howe.