Kilmarnock v Celtic

Henderson starting instead of the injured Biton. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on.

Ah here

Big Sutty is one of my favourite all time Celtic players.

Me too. A very underrated player. Was a terrific deeper player as well as being a tip class striker. And a weirdo off the pitch. The perfect package.

Although Gary McAllister is a bit simple, his enthusiasm for the game is very likeable when you compare it to some of the miserable cunts you get doing the c0-commentary.

I made a rather harsh appraisal of Johansen - probably slighted influenced by my angst at the fact he was likely going to be Super Joe’s replacement - but he has looked decent from what I’ve seen.

Some really greedy play from the likes of Commons and Griffiths when they have got in decent positions tonight.

Terrific goal. I agree with Totti’s half time post about Commons and Griffiths but they combined really well there and a lovely finish from Kristopher.

And a second for Commons. Another swift move and again Commons involved in creating and finishing.

Maffews is shit.

Griffiths touch and dribbling ability is better than I expected.

Hat trick for Commons. Defenders fairly stood off him there. A smashing goals return for Commons this season.

Willie Gollum is perpetual cretin.

Outrageous decision at the end there not to award a penalty. You couldn’t not see the shove. He just decided against giving a penalty for personal reasons.

Commons scored a great hat-trick tonight but he did annoy me with his greediness all night long. Stokes goal return has been quite poor this season but I think the work he puts in is often overlooked and he is a great team player and very selfless.

Henderson did well and Johansen’s passing was great. Ambrose very good too.

He’s up there with Dougal and Dallas athough I truly believe he is absolutely incompetent whereas there was something more sinister with the other two.

Liam Henderson’s tackle to start the move for the second goal. :clap::clap::clap: