KPMG have some explaining to do

38 came out and 33 is still in there???

The one that came out has both 38 and 33 on it as far as i can see

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Must have got the work experience person to put the stickers on the ball.:grinning:

This is up there with the Camogie Association and the kinder eggs

What a shambles. Wouldn’t have happened on Terence O’Rourke’s watch.

KPMG have had that gig a long time must be some governance issues with that @Bandage

how big is this going to be lads?

As long as their tax ’consultancy’, (Avoidance) result in wins, other invoices are never properly questioned…

jesus christ, you fucking thick oirish bastards never stop embarrassing me over here, this is all over my British friends social media feeds, they are mercilessly poking fun at me


What a balls up.

You’d want your head examined to have KPMG in as the independent adjudicators

Dont stop there please… :drooling_face:

At the draw for the All ireland last year they realised they didn’t have any ball cannisters to use for the draw.

So someone got the brainwave of sending someone out to get kinder eggs, empty them (and i believe quite a few were eaten as opened) and used them for the draw.

Would have been some laugh if a rougue toy got into the draw
“And Killkenny will play…a penguin on a skateboard…ladies this must be Tipp ya?..Ok Killkenny will play Tipperary”


:rofl: you’re not renowned here for your gags Kev but that’s a classic, a belter even.


I real life i’m serious craic.

Everything just seems so serious in here sometimes :wink::joy:



Turns out is was the lighting which caused the ball to look like a 33

I would have always thought that, Kev.

But now that you’ve gone and proclaimed it yourself, I’d have serious doubts whether it’s actually the case, and am leaning more towards you being a turgid, dull bore.