Kurt Angle: Get that sissy Ronaldo off the road

Kurt: Get that sissy Ronaldo off the road

THE stars of TNA wrestling cant wait to come to the UK later this month for their second UK tour but theres one thing standing in their way…

Cristiano Ronaldos driving.

Former TNA heavyweight champions and Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle is leading the fight against the Manchester United winger, who wrote off his 200,000 Ferrari yesterday.

And hes sure to upset most of the rest of these shores with his comments.
Kurt told The Sun: I should officially request that the British government detain Ronaldo for the time in which myself and the rest of the Main Event Mafia are in the city of Manchester for TNA’s Maximum Impact Tour.

His inability to drive, combined with his natural weakness as a soccer player, would make navigating the United Kingdom far too risky for an international celebrity such as myself with a pathetic fool like that out on the streets.

Unlike Ronaldo or any other soccer player, I am recognized as international star both by the United Kingdom and the far more politically and economically important United States.

Because I will be flying into the Manchester Airport near the site of the crash, I can offer Ronaldo driving lessons in addition to giving him other tips on how to compose himself like a real sports star - the American way.

Lesson number one - soccer is a girl’s game in the United States, and since we set the rules across the globe, Ronaldo should abandon the sissy English game and get in the six sided ring of TNA like a real American.

You have to laugh really. Publicity for the show they have in Manchester. Shane McMahon made a show of Jose Mourinho at a Raw show in London a few years back.

Al Fahed is trying to sign Ronaldo, not to play for Fulham but to teach his drivers how to crash safely in a tunnel

He was complaining to the cops that the wall wasn’t back far enough.