La Liga 2010-2011 thread

Said I might as well start a thread for the best league in the world, promises to be an exciting season now with Mourinho managing the royalist scum

Memut Ozil looks like he is on his way to Barcelona

Not happening Pukey, going to England if anywhere. Not likely to be a first choice at Barca. Would love to see him go to Utd, should get in the team relatively quickly.

While the English press were all over a deal with United at the weekend the reports in Germany and Spain have linked him more with Barca. He’ll probably end up staying put.

He is playing it fairly cool in fairness to him, doubt he would have much of a problem seeing out his contract by the sounds of him, but in saying that if Barca throw in a 14 million euro offer it is hard for Bremen to say no…

Has Khadeira officially gone to Madrid, Rocko???

He has yeah. Picked up a knock though so hasn’t played yet.

We’ll do well this season as long as we can keep hold of Forlan and I was absolutely thrilled with the signing of Diego Godin last week too.

Guardian had it today that W. Bremen want to play him in champions league qualifier but realise that would decrease his value. However that would be more than compensated for by revenues from champions league group stages. I’d say Ozil and his agent wiould be happy enough to stay put and go on a free next year. As he is under 23 is there any compensation for development as there is between clubs in England?

Why aren’t Bayern Munich after him?

It’s a FIFA rule so I imagine it applies everywhere. I’m still not sure why it only appears to give the team the player departs compensation if he leaves for a club in the same country but I don’t think the compensation would be anything near his value anyway.

Even Bayern have to stop buying players at some stage I suppose but it does seem odd that they’ve made no attempt to get him. As I said on another thread the other day - while he’s an excellent player and a top prospect he didn’t actually have a spectacular Bundesliga season last year IMO.

think we will stroll it this year-Khadeira is the real deal

Apparently Utd tried to sign him when he was a teenager but he chose to stay in Germany. I suppose Ferguson would like to get him now while Scholes still has some legs left.

there is an epl thread somewhere for this guff

Barcelona have bid 12 million for Mascherano…AC Milan are pulling out all the stops to try and get Zlatan, they can flip right off the flippers :angry:

I’m in Barca for a week and there are no games on, fucking dose.

You’re the fucking dose - they’re playing Milan in the Joan Gamper Cup on Wednesday.

Was at Camp Nou Saturday for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup. Messi was back on terra firma and bagged a quality hat trick. The atmosphere was electric thanks to a near full house and the noise when Iniesta and Villa came on at the same time was unreal. Villa looks like he’s going to slot in nicely on the left side. Some great interplay between him, Iniesta and Xavi.
Maxwell also had a super game at left full.

If they can offload that donkey Ibrahimovic to Milan and get Masch in they’ll be unbeatable.

:barcasmile: :barcasmile: :barcasmile: :barcasmile:

Thats this week ya tool, i’m there next week.

Next time indicate the week if it’s not this week. eg I will be in Barca for a week rather than I am in Barca for a week.

Good girl.


Outside of the clásicos, Madrid were 3 points better than Barca last year. Joes’s cunning alone will be enough to take care of that six point swing.

We signed Tiago on loan from Juventus last week. Things are shaping up nicely but we have The Super Cup to deal with too of course.

Horseshit alert.