La Liga


The fascists have been sent home from Catalunya with their fascist pig tails between their legs. :clap:


A day of shame for Castille and Spain, losing to a crowd of Catalan layabout rabble rousers.


It’s high time the sponging Madridistas changed the name of their province to Castile and Lie-In, mate.

Shouldn’t have be too surprised at the result, really, given that it was a late afternoon match, and the Francoists are usually on siesta at that time.


Let’s of Spanish flags in the Espanyol end of the ground here.


Great to hear the great Gerry Armstrong back on colour commentary for tonight’s Madrid derby.

I hope he’s fiercely partisan in favour of Atleti Woof!


That was some miss by Angel Correa within the first three minutes. Absolutely gilt-edged chance.


0-0 HT


The ref is after robbing Messi of a goal here against Valencia, way over the line. Really good game


I never knew Gary Neville had signed Roy Carroll when he was Valencia manager.



This is the best I’ve seen Barca play in a long time


Valencia go 1 up. This game is being played at some pace


Luis Suarez needs about two months off from the game for his own good. He’s too committed for his own good.


He’s fucked


It’s going to take some something exceptional from Barcelona to score here I think.

Valencia are very well organised. Kondogbia is a terrific signing for them.

Doesn’t help when you have a legitimate goal not recognised, mind.


And that is something exceptional. What a fucking goal


An amazing goal


thatt pass from Messi… mother of God.
sublime, just sublime


Great ball by Messi but that is some technique by Alba too


It was a goal as beautiful as Jessica Alba.