La Liga


Deulofeu is a dreadfully frustrating player. He hasn’t improved from where he was in 2013/14 with Everton.


Best game I’ve seen this season I’d say


absolutely cracking game of ball that was.


Luis Suarez breaks his goal drought to put Barcelona 2-1 up on Celta Vigo after 61 minutes. Created by Messi who released Jordi Alba with a sublime pass and Suarez finished it from close range.


Liverpool legend Iago Aspas skins the hamstring injury-afflicted Samuel Umtiti and sets up an equaliser for Celta. 2-2 after 71 minutes.



How are the Barca signing of the past two seasons equipping themselves, their recent forays in the transfer market look to have been very poor.


Umtiti is a good defender. Semedo is very raw but should be good in time. Dembele should add a lot when he comes back. Paulinho has been decent enough considering the ridicule when they signed him. The rest have been fairly poor from what I’ve seen although I wouldn’t watch them every week


2-2 FT.

That was a very good performance by Celta. They could even have won it with our old friend Sisto denied in a one on one by Ter Stegen.


Bilbao holding Real scoreless approaching the hour mark. Ronaldo denied a one-on-one there when Modric was taken out as he put him away.


The headbanger has been sent off for the 19th time in La Liga.


Harsh red


Finishes scoreless


Real five up against Sevilla at half time.,


It finished 5-0.

Zidane must have told his players he had cancer before the match started and then told them he was only winding them up at half-time.



Great banter


Unreal, unbelievable. Football perfection.


El Classico is on this Saturday, 1pm CET. Presumably for the Asian market.


The first since the Catalan “referendum” . Might be spicy .


0-0 in the Classico 25mins. Real have had the best of it so far.