La Liga


Too good not to score.


Hat-trick for Messi.


7 La Liga’s in 10 years for Barca. Great record in the best league in the world. 9 each for Messi and Iniesta now




Barca one up in El Classico.


Barcelona 1 up, lovely goal from Suarez.


Brilliant from Kroos, 1-1


Gareth Bale is a fraud.


Suarez is an awful cunt. Ramos was laughing at him.


Messi just wiped the smile off ramos’ face.

Good bit of needle here.


Sergi roberto red card


Its getting going now alright. Madrid have Barcelona wound up.

Kroos has been class, best player by a distance. Bale needs to be taken off


I’d say ramos’ and probably Suarez are nailled on for 2nd yellows.

Surprisingly busquets hasn’t been up to his normal cuntish behavious, it’s made for his winding up.






Brilliant finish from Messi. Suarez fouled Varane though in the build up.


The greatest does it again. The king of El Clasico


That should have been disallowed


We are privileged to live in the era of Messi, Suarez and Salah.


Ramos is on thin ice. Needs to keep his head now.