La Liga


I thought the ref won it for them


Neymar cares more about winning individual awards than he does about winning real trophies.


Alaves score on the counter 0-1 v Barca. Coutinho doesn’t look like he’s up to the job and Barca are all over the shop at the back.


15 in 14 now.


It’s amusing how much ye Liverpool fans care about luis Suarez. He fucked off at the first chance he got and doesn’t give a fuck about the Liverpool fans or club.


WHAt a goal from Leo Messi.


I follow Barcelona as well as Liverpool, mate, why wouldn’t I care about what King Luis does?

MESSSSIIIII scores a vintage free kick.


Barca 2-1 up now. They hooked Coutinho and that did the trick. I’d say Nelson Semedo will never start a game for Barca again.


Looked like there was an offside before the free kick. Sky boys never mentioned it


Just mentioned it.


I’d say Coutinho might struggle with the pressure of playing at a big club. Touch of the Peter Davenports about him.


Excellent 2-0 win for Atleti against Athletic there. A real pity they got knocked out of the CL as they are in excellent form the last few months. Should win the Europa if they go for it


Really clever goal there from Messi there. Hung about 10 yards off side as the ball was played to Suarez by Rakitic. By the time Suarez controlled it and squared it to him he was onside and the defenders had no idea where he was.


Clever free kick there as well


Barca getting beat 2 nil, they bring on Messi and he scores the equaliser to preserve their unbeaten record in the league


Barca destroying Sevilla in the Copa del Rey final 4-0. Shows how big the expectations are that a domestic double and a probable invincible season in La Liga will probably be a bit disappointing for them. Also lovely to see Iniesta score in his last final for them


Off to China apparently, which is disappointing.

There’s talk that Gianluigi Buffon might sign for Boca Juniors, which would be a far more exciting and challenging, if much less lucrative way to play out one’s career.


Barcelona 2-1 up at half-time away to Deportivo La Coruna. Messi’s goal for 2-1 was a thing of beauty - a sidefooted volley from an acute angle after a scooped cross by Suarez.

A win tonight wins the title.

But the temptation to do a Celtic against Hibs and throw away the points in order to clinch it next Sunday in the Clasico at the Camp Nou instead must be strong.


Barcelona appear to be trying to throw this. It’s currently 2-2.

Even a point here wins the title, I’d forgotten about the head to head rule, they have a superior head to head with Atletico Madrid.