La Liga


Miguel Delaney thinks Spain would have won the World Cup if this joker over Real Madrid was their manger. What a clown.


Betis beating Barca 2 nil at the Nou Camp. Betis are an excellent side. Joaquin with the second


Going very well lately.

Joaquin is a player who really is a what could have been case, only started to play his best football in his 30s.


Where are they in the league table?


I don’t know


Embarrassing reply from the Forums European Soccer blowhole.


Embarrassing to not know exactly where Betis are in the table? Fair enough





Had to go and look it up myself after European Soccer statto let me down. Betis are 15th in the table. They can’t be that excellent a side so.


Just looked myself, they’re 12th , 5 points off the top 4. You also have to factor in that its the best league in the world so there are loads of excellent sides in it.

Why are you commenting on a sport you have no interest in once again?


They were 15th in the table when I asked you the question.

I have a passing interest in soccer. It would be down a bit on my list of sporting preferences though.


Why are the vast majority of your posts on this forum about soccer so?


Stop deflecting now. You were badly caught out there on the merits of Betis.


No I wasn’t. They’re an excellent side who started the season slowly and are in the best league in the world which has a lot of excellent sides


To be fair they did just win at the Nou Camp, they cant be TOO bad


The league table never lies as the soccer types would say.


We’ll see where they are at the end of the season so


I couldn’t give a shit where Betis are at the end of the season. Have a nice six months now following their fortunes.


They’re ahead of Valencia (who went to Old Trafford and drew with United) in said league table.