La Liga




How’d spurs get on the last time they played Barca?


Why are you commenting then?


I asked you where they were in the table at the moment and you couldn’t answer me. You started blubbering about what an excellent side they were.


Made a fucking show of himself truth told.


Betis had a decent enough season last season for a team that are usually fighting relegation finishing sixth and ahead of Sevilla.


Atletico vs Barca starting soon

Can be watched on if you have a bet.


Diiiiieeeeeeggggoooooo. Hon ta fuck


Dembele equalises. Pity


Classic Atleti Woof


Terrible game in fairness. Dembele equalised a minute ago


The greatest got his 400th La Liga goal earlier.

Real Madrid are currently parking the bus against Betis in preparation for Jose’s return. 72% possession for Betis but Madrid 1 up


Canales equalises


The guy who has bottled 3 World Cups?


That Diaz chap they got from Man City is coming on now


Real Madrid get the win through a free kick by ex Betis man Dani Ceballos. Very lucky, they were awful once Benzema got injured


What channel is this on now ?


Eleven Sports but it’ll probably be back on Sky/BT next season


Eleven Sports has been a bit of a flop


Not having a TV channel has fucked them. Why would you bother streaming a game legally when you can easily get it for free at the same quality? They also have Guillem Balague on commentary who is an UUCOAM