Labanne's wonderful post today deserves a thread of its own

"What’s shocking here is the violence. Government violence against its own people. One should always be aware and prepared for when government puts its own interests first, and has no problem smashing a few heads to secure those interests.

In the USA by the way, the country many of you like to mock, there is no way that can happen. Too many guns on the opposite side and the cunts know it."


Mate, wonderful thread. Are you committing to updating this daily?


@anon7035031 is a gas cunt all the same.

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So :thinking::thinking:

He says it is now time for automatic brain scans to stop terrorism


Well it makes more sense than stop selling guns in supermarkets. You just don’t get it. Psychopaths will always find a way (that way is made easier when you sell him 50 machine guns and loads of grenades but let’s just gloss over that bit)…

“We have the technology now to scan brains and identify psychopaths.”

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