Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership 2018/19 & William Hill Scottish Cup 2018/19


Think he drives a taxi now.


Just the three pelanties for Sevco in the first hour of action at Ibrox today.




Ah come on. That sounds ridiculous in isolation but isn’t reflective of the match as a whole. Mr Dallas only gave them one further penalty in the last half hour.


Alison Conroy of Radio Clyde tweeted that only one of the incidents was a pelanty, and that view was shared by St Mirren manager Oran Kearney. However, and it’s hilarious typing out this quote…”Steven Gerard thought 1, 3 and 4 were penalties.” :laughing:


One of the pelanties.



Defoe was even embarrassed.


Sevco 1 up.



Goal machine Sam Cosgrove makes it 1-1.

Morelos makes it 2-1. Good finish.

Pelanty Sevco.


That’s a chronic pelanty concession


Tavernier was very lucky to squeeze that one in. Lewis probably should stop it after getting a hand on it.


I’ve seen that a few times but it’s an absolute belter.


2-3 Cosgrove pelanty.

Lucky pelanty again as McGregor nearly stopped it with his feet.


Morelos just blew a glorious chance for a hat trick.


McKenna sent off. Aberdeen players are going ballistic.


Did Morelos stand on him first?


That is scandalous.

Morelos has to go too.

There’s no way he can logically escape retrospective punishment for that.


Morelos off too.


Andy Walker a fucking embarrassment.


Morelos ran the studs along McKenna’s arse/thigh, he can hardly complain