Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership 2018/19 & William Hill Scottish Cup 2018/19


Yup. Walker is an utter embarrassment defending that.


He said it was a red, then said it wasn’t :man_shrugging:


McGregor should have gone there.


Ferguson was lucky his studs didn’t catch


Defoe 4-2 on the break.

Sevco were very lucky tonight.


Was watching Celtic on the phone and tuned into second half of Aberdeen-Sevco on the box. Andy Walker is an absolute joke alright. Aside from that Morelos chance before he was sent off, Sevco were holding on until that breakaway in injury time. Aberdeen play horrific stuff but they deserved to be level based on sheer weight of pressure and efforts at goal. Some referee needs to pull McGregor up for taking players out when coming out for the ball. He’s getting away with it regularly. He’s not protecting himself, he’s actually looking to hammer into opponents.


Doing it for years and getting away with it, referees just turn a blind eye to it and the he only gets away with it due to which team he plays for.

Sevco are absolute filth.


Gerard has 3 badges on his lapel. #dignitarian



didnt know Walker was still playing
was it the 1989 cup final he got the winner v Rangers?




Yes! Joe Miller


McGregor has been offered a 2-match ban for this by the compliance officer. It should have been a pelanty and a red card on the night.


3 game ban for Morelos after Rangers’ appeal was turned down. 2 for the sending off and an extra game for a repeat red card.


He’s a scumbag and it’ll cost Sevco a couple of mill when they sell him in the summer.


Sevco have already missed a pelanty at Killie this evening. Think that’s 6 (six) pelanties in 2 and a bit games.


6th Round Draw:

Dons v Killie or Sevco
Hibees v Bhoys
Arabs v Staggies or Caley
Jags v Jambos


Rangers Aberdeen, tasty.


i know you love flying your little green flag in glasgow but surely if this forum is taking things seriously we need to be rowing in behind Hearts and Kilmarnock that continue to lead the way in terms of string irish representation,
Glasgow celtic have sold you some type of myth - instead of worshipping at Craig Gordon’s altar you should be aligning the forum behind Alan Power and the irish lads at kilmarnock who clearly have bandsman Ferguson riled


up the ra, etc?