Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


It’s a backwards shithole


Great episode on Mickey Harte tonight.


A great great man. Irelands answer to the Dalai Lama.


True, he’s a right pious cunt alright


I thought Mickey was an Irish speaker, obviously not?


Stone wall legend JT on last night, what a man, what a warrior. Some amount of forwards resting easier since this man hung up the hurl. His disgust at even the idea that a Tipp man would even attempt to challenge him is what sums him up.


He has a posh Kilkenny Accent.


Has the Shaughs one been on yet?


Don’t think so.


It’s on Wednesday the 20th of March at 9:30pm.


To be expected, Wallslough is real upper class Kilkenny


Tyrell’s show was really good. He spoke very honestly about being plagued by anxiety and self doubt as a younger man. Despite everything he has achieved since, I’d get the impression the struggle is ongoing. Fair play to him for being so candid. It made for a far more interesting doc. Lots of clips of him hitting Tipp lads too which will always appeal to the masses.


His payback on Callinan for the latters cheap shot on Brian Hogan earlier that summer was one of the highlights of the great 2009 final.


That and his obsessive thoughts going so far as to carry out video analysis of Larrys boots before the 2011 final to make even if he fell on the ground he’d still know where Corbett was…thats was great stuff


Jackie, we need a bit more oomph from this section, is there anything you can come up with?

Well I could pretend I looked up what boots Corbett was wearing in the semi final, but jaysus no one would be stupid enough to believe that.

Perfect Jackie, the muldoons will love that sort of shit, roll camera lads…


Give us a shout there when Ross Kings Laochra Gael is on there, we’ll all have a look and critique of it


Typical Muldoons alright worshipping a lad who clearly is a few pence short of a pound


I’d say Jackie had a good wee chuckle to himself when he came up with that one. Imagine if Lar had changed the boots before the week before the game, Jackie’s entire plan would have been out the window.


Will you dont be embarrassing yourself you poor ape


Imagine if two of the Tipp players had been wearing the same boots?! Ah jaysus Jackie would have been in a right ball of shite.